April 14, 2024

Casinos are not just a thing of Las Vegas. They have a strong presence in Brazil.

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies estimated that the Brazilian gambling industry as a market would be worth BRL 44 billion between 2021-2022.

Illegal gambling, or black-market gambling, as they prefer to call it, totaled around BRL 27 million. Legal gambling establishments, on the other hand, generated BRL 17 billion.

What’s the casino mobile app’s role in this? What is the market value of casino mobile apps in Brazil? How does it compare with other Latin American countries like Mexico and Colombia?

What is the market value of Brazilian casino apps?

According to research firm Statista, the mobile casino gaming apps sector in Brazil is estimated at USD 35-40 million.

Interestingly, around 50% of this revenue comes from advertising and the other half from in-app purchases. This includes playing games for real cash.

This is an astonishingly low number when you consider the strong relationship between Brazilians’ love of casino games and their heavy mobile phone usage.

According to a study conducted by Online Casino KTO on the Brazilian market, Brazil is the 5th largest country in terms of mobile connections.

Why are there so few casino apps available?

These numbers are modest because mobile gaming platforms offer a limited number of casino games on their apps, both classic and modern. Poker is the only game that has been accounted for at 34%. Bingo at 16% and selected slot apps at 10 % are also included.

Both the casinos and their customers prefer a more mobile-based approach.

Mobile web platforms. It is especially important in newly-regulated or partially-regulated markets. South Africa and Brazil are good examples.

This strategy is designed to meet the high demand for real money play while also managing the frequent turnovers of users.

Casino fans are known to visit websites, play their favorite games, and then leave.

Most people don’t want to overload their phones with apps.

Brazil, in comparison to other LATAM Countries

A Statista report shows that despite the small percentage of revenue mobile apps generate, Brazil will top the Latin America list of casino gaming mobile applications in 2021. This country is expected to create almost 22 million U.S. Dollars.

The projections suggest that this amount could reach up to 39.5 million U.S. Dollars by 2026.

Brazil’s dominance in this industry shouldn’t be a surprise, given that it is rapidly gaining ground as the largest player in LATAM’s gambling industry.

Statista estimates that if Brazil introduces gambling regulations by 2022 and assuming the country’s gambling laws are implemented in that year, online gross gaming revenue (GGR) will be about 1.6 billion U.S. Dollars for Brazil.

Mexico’s gross online gaming revenue will reach 1.15 billion U.S. Dollars in the same period, while Colombia’s is estimated to be 0.85 billion U.S. Dollars; Argentina’s is estimated at 0.35 billion U.S. Dollars and Chile’s at 0.3 billion.

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